The Nature of Your Body

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The Nature of your body (3).png

The Nature of Your Body

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Starting a new job, a new relationship? Experiencing changes in your body? Seeking something fresh in your life? 

Join Britta von Tagen & Jill Pagano on a dance, meditation, and nature-filled weekend in Idaho!

Each session allows you to connect to your body and nature in order to listen to body and heart. The lasting results will be a heightened state of insight and wisdom.

Come Play! October. 11-13, 2019 Boise, ID

Dancing Dragon Studio & Owyhee Mountains.

Friday: Creating body-centered intentions.

—6:30 pm Nia, meditation and journal

Saturday: Being Ourselves in Spirit & Nature.

— 10:00 am Nia class & road trip to the mountains

Sunday: The Celebration of Being “With..”

—9:00 am-11:30 am Nia class+ Playshop


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