Sounding workshop with Shannon Day

2_30-4_30 pm at Dancing Dragons 800 North 25th Street in Boise.jpg
2_30-4_30 pm at Dancing Dragons 800 North 25th Street in Boise.jpg

Sounding workshop with Shannon Day

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Sounding Experience June 24th from 2:30-4:30 pm

~Feel the Vibration of Your Body, and the Voice from Within~


From the moment we are born, we create SOUND.

As time progresses, we find ourselves less apt to find our voice due to social and environmental conditioning.

Shannon Day, Master, 1st Degree Black Belt Facilitator, and composer of “Saioule”, Sounding through the Chakras, will lead you through an experience of ease and dynamism.  You will inhabit your voice through this ancient energy system.

Using tone, movement, and music, you will discover transformational aspects of yourself, and revel in the magic of sound.

Tone, breath, and music create vibration, and vibration creates connection.  Connection creates unity, and oneness is of Soul.


Give yourself the Gift of Self Love and Soul,

Workshop includes:

Download of “Saioule” composed by Shannon Day, for enjoyment and practice at home.

Educational information for research and future use.

Movement, Music, & Magic

Beauty incarnate within experience.

Self Love.

All abilities welcome.

Be ready to move, as there will be a1 hour Nia “Sounding” class.

Shannon Day a Gold Record award winning vocalist, songwriter, actress, & producer, Shannon has been practicing Nia since 1996. Her music (and voice) has been included in multiple Nia routines.  Shannon is finishing her forthcoming CD & assisting Nia workshops throughout the UK, USA, and Europe. Find more about Shannon at

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