My Mantra: I am, therefore I teach.


I have been passionate about educating humanity to help heal the world through the dance of Nia since 1995. As a teacher trainer, I have been training Nia teachers since 2002, first in Idaho and now worldwide at the levels of White Belt, Green Belt, and Blue Belt. I have found over the years of training that the Nia practice has generated an even stronger intention of Peace on Earth inside me. Not that I have to love or save everyone, but I do seek to create a positive environment for individuals to be transported while getting a great workout, no matter what their age or ability! Nia is an international language, like nature is. It is the language of sensation or words without words, an alchemical formula for magic.

Presently, I have combined my 20 years of experience working with children, my degree in Elementary Education, and the depth of Nia, to create a movement-based, educational program for pre-school age children. This inspiration has culminated in my newest offerings, the Creative Movement for Kids Teacher Retreat and companion Creativity Cards.

I am also thrilled to announce the recent launch of my own clothing line called Dragonwear, offering custom-designed movement apparel for both women and men.

I will forever continue to share the joy and love of movement with all ages, playfully and energetically!

Britta’s teaching style is compassionate, concise and playful. She has a lovely talent for engaging students, finding just the right element to inspire their unexplored creativity, and taking it to the next level to gather community together. She is truly a teacher’s teacher!
— Shandi W.W., Nia Brown Belt

What I Offer

  • Nia Classes in my hometown of Boise, Idaho
  • Creative Movement for Kids Classes and Workshops
  • Nia Teacher Trainings worldwide for White Belt, Green Belt, and Blue Belt
  • Nia Master Classes worldwide
  • Workshops that fuse my love of Nia, sword dancing, and ancient wisdom and traditions
  • Creative Movement for Kids Teacher Retreats
  • Nia Routines for teachers
  • Humor and laughter for all ages!