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The name Dancing Dragons comes from harnessing one's adventuresome yet fierce energy of both a male and female inner hero. This duality creates a transformation through dance and discipline as an ancient art reborn to work with the fire from within, not to tame or subdue, but to ride it till the end of time.

Dancing Dragons offers Nia Technique classes for all ages and abilities. We invite you to come move Your Body's Way!


Nia Class Schedule

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday

9:15-10:15 AM

Saturday, Sunday:

10:00–11:00 am 


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Watch a Nia Class in action!

Commit to your practice: Buy a Class Card

Drop-in to any class for just $15, or commit to your practice with a multi-class* card, available for purchase below.

Class cards have a 45-day expiration*

Dancing Dragons New Client Special

$30 for three classes, for the new little dragons! *Class cards have a 45-day expiration.

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4 Class Card

Class cards have a 45-day expiration.

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8 Class Card

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Studio / Treatment Room Rental

Interested in renting Dancing Dragons Studio? Here's what you need to know...

We have several spaces available to rent. The Sanctuary (dance space) is 900 square feet and costs $35/hour to rent. We also offer a treatment room ideal for body workers and acupuncturists that costs $25/hour to rent. Rental of the entire building for special events costs $70/hour. Note: All renters must have their own liability insurance and sign a studio responsibility contract.

Contact us about your desired rental and we are happy to share additional information with you.


Studio Location

Dancing Dragons is located at 800 North 25th Street, Boise, Idaho


Our Mission

"I am passionate about creating a space that is specifically designed to serve the Boise area community for people to gather, not only for group exercise classes, but to have a place to come where they are valued for their unique contributions to the area and each other. I believe in providing a location that people can be the best they can be by taking care of themselves, this will in turn help them take better care of their families and environment. It is part of my business plan to be a “Green” business and ask students to be green as well by using public transportation, riding bikes and carpooling as a way to be conscientious to the changes of their bodies over time as well as our city and planet."

– Britta von Tagen

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