Train with Me

Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia is a holistic fitness practice that addresses each aspect of your life - body, mind and soul. The foundation of Nia trainings is the White Belt Training, which focuses on physical sensation and body awareness. Each successive training (Green, Blue, Brown, and Black Belt) adds a new focus to develop your holistic knowledge of the body, enhance your fitness practice and expand your movement creativity. Join me in a training and learn how to tune into your body’s innate wisdom!

White Belt Trainings

Nia White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery by exploring the art of sensation. Beginning with the Joy of Movement, you learn 13 principles for body-centered awareness. Each principle teaches you a variety of somatic skills for connecting to physical sensation.

Green Belt Trainings

Nia Green Belt Training focuses on the art of teaching and developing the skills to effectively teach Nia. New teachers and seasoned Nia teachers alike will gain practical tools to improve their cueing, modeling, embodiment of Nia routines and much more!


Blue Belt Trainings

Nia Blue Belt Training focuses on the art of communication, relationship, and intimacy – the art of paying attention to detail. This transformative training introduces 13 principles that focus on the 4 realms: body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Taking a training or class from Britta von Tagen is a truly magical experience. As a trainer, Britta powerfully blends the joy of child-like play and exploration with the intensity and focus of a master who has spent a life-time dedicated to her craft. She enlists the “help” of fantastical and magical “characters” who join the training to lead trainees on a magical journey into deeper relationship with themselves. As a teacher, Britta invites her students to access and experience the deepest, strongest, most powerful aspects of themselves and bring them to light. I can say that, personally, it has been a true honor and privilege to study with Britta through belts and workshops and classes. My relationship with Nia has deepened profoundly because her teaching and guidance.
— Christina M.W., Nia Brown Belt and Founder of Embody Studio & Lifestyle Boutique

The Blue Belt with Britta in 2012 – words cannot capture the richness of that incredible life- changing experience.
— Maggie J., Blue Belt